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Tutoring by Matthew

If you are frustrated learning math, you have come to the right place.

Private tutoring designed to meet your academic goals.

The perfect tune-up for college admission exams.

The latest tips and advice on learning from Matthew

Learning tools designed to maximize your study time.

Meet Matthew

Graduating from the University of Arizona with an Engineering degree in 2006, Matthew spent the next decade in the engineering field at several technology companies. During this time, he discovered his true passion…teaching others. Through first-hand experience, Matthew has discovered that every student can succeed with timely and smart instruction. Over the course of 15 years, Matthew has evolved into the ultimate math-learning guide.

Matthew is an excellent Math Tutor. We highly recommend Matthew for tutoring. We can schedule a lesson for any day of the week, at virtually anytime of the day. We find this very convenient as well as affordable. Matthew helped our daughter with her online algebra one course through BYU.

Niki Tkalcevic July 11, 2024

I highly recommend Tutoring by Matthew. Matthew is patient and knowledgeable, he listens and knows when to rephrase a question or explain a math problem example differently for better understanding. There are no contracts, and he offers a flexible schedule. We plan to continue with Matthew's tutoring throughout the school year.

Denise E June 27, 2024
Jackie Battles June 11, 2024

If you’re looking for a tutor look no further, I highly recommend Matthew.

Alex Cole May 21, 2024

Matthew is easy to work with, he explains the lessons and uses tools to illustate the steps it requires to solve problems. I have 2 more semesters of college Math, I will be utilizing Matthew and his teaching technics.

Mark Stream May 3, 2024

My daughter was struggling with Algebra II. Matthew helped her tremendously and was able to show her née formulas and more efficient ways to solve problems. Highly recommended his tutoring services!

Rebecca S May 2, 2024

He is extremely flexible and works to make sure that you understand a concept before he helps you with the next one. 10/10 would recommend.

Jordan Daenell Lueck April 23, 2024

Matthew has been awesome. He was able to quickly assess the right approach to help my son with his college calculus class. My son has acknowledged the sessions are helping him understand the concepts and problems. I also appreciate that Matthew sends a recap of the tutoring session which includes notes of what was covered.

Kathleen Wilkins April 11, 2024

Matthew is on a different level than all the other math tutors I’ve encountered. When you work with him you get a level of professionalism and attention to detail that you simply don’t find in tutoring centers at school or with the friend down the street who dabbles in tutoring as a hobby. After each session he provides you with a video recording that you can review to reinforce the lesson. He also knows the patterns of many teachers and professors in the area so he can help prepare you for the nuances specific to each class. Don’t wait until the end of the quarter/semester to seek him out, I highly recommend getting started early so he can help you build a foundation with plenty of time before exams.

Allan Phillips March 15, 2024

We are so happy that we found Matthew! My daughter started getting tutoring from Matthew sophomore year in high school, and she continues to get tutoring from him during this junior year. He is a wonderful tutor and has helped her so much. I highly recommend Matthew!

Kellie Feld March 9, 2024

Matthew is the best! I’ve been working with him for 5+ years throughout high school and college. He has helped me with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and coding in languages such as: Javascript, CSS, and R. With his help, my grades have improved greatly in my math classes and skills. I highly recommend Tutoring by Matthew for anyone who needs help in their studies.

Ella Sturtevant February 11, 2024

Matthew is a stellar tutor. He breaks things down for kids to understand difficult material but does it in a way where he meets them at their level and without giving them the answer. He coaches and builds their confidence by positive reinforcement and praise. Thanks Matthew

Leticia Mills February 6, 2024

If you have been looking for a math tutor, look no further! Matthew has been an amazing help to me this year. He’s thorough with his explanations and extremely welcoming to any questions I have about my calculus class. I recommend him to anyone in need of tutoring services. Thank you, Matthew!

zoey m February 6, 2024

Matthew was recommended to me via a friend whose two daughters worked with Matthew through high school and college. Matthew's math tutoring and guidance for our son has filled in significant classroom gaps while bringing a general sense of calm to our house. It is also incredibly easy to schedule time with Matthew and compensate him using a simple web payment platform. I can't recommend Matthew enough.

Michael Wagenheim January 29, 2024

Working with Matthew brought our daughter’s grade in Algebra II from a C+ to a B+ in a short amount of time. She’s understanding the class material much more and is becoming more confident and studious, and thus more patient with the coursework. The tutoring sessions are efficient, organized and each provides timely value in alignment with the class schedule. Matthew has put together a great service for the student and parent, that includes easy scheduling and billing, and effective remote tutoring sessions.

Conrad stoldt January 29, 2024

Matthew is a great tutor. Very flexible, dependable and has lots of patience with my son. We appreciate him very much.

Baraa Rad January 29, 2024

Has and Is helping me improve my math skills and genuinely has been really flexable would recomend

Karthick Arun January 25, 2024

Definitely recommend Matthew for tutoring!

Clarissa Guevara January 21, 2024

Tutoring by Matthew. My daughter needed a tutor for math as she was falling behind. I knew she would need 1on1 and I came across Matthews information. He responded professionally and has really helped my daughter understand and she has learned skills that she uses not just in Math but in other subjects. Our family highly recommends him.

Brittiany Mainwaring January 19, 2024

Matthew has been working with my 12-year-old son for the past two years. He has a calm, clear, and well-organized approach that has been deeply beneficial in solidifying my son's core understanding of mathematical concepts. The time my son has spent with Matthew has been important for boosting his self-confidence around his math abilities, and has eliminated regular battles over homework. Matthew is responsive and flexible, and his website makes scheduling and billing quite easy. We couldn't be more appreciative of the work he does!

Jonathan Zucchi January 18, 2024

Matthew has been a tremendous help to my son. I only wish we had found Matthew sooner. My son started tutoring sessions halfway through freshman year of high school, and they have worked together for over one year. At first, I was hesitant about Zoom sessions because I thought in-person would be better, but Matthew's setup is totally professional, and it's super convenient because there is no driving involved. My son participates in regular tutoring sessions, but Matthew has made himself available when my son has needed extra sessions. According to my son, Matthew is patient and explains difficult material is a way that is easy to understand. He's an excellent math tutor. We recommend him without hesitation.

Ana Perez-Arrieta January 18, 2024

Matthew has been amazing for my son. He now tutors my daughter as well and both say he explains things in a way that makes the math easier to understand! Highly recommend Matthew, he’s taken my son from a C to an A!!!!

Janice Rogers January 18, 2024

Definitely worth the money this man knows his stuff and to be able to have the vof of what we went over it a plus!!

CoolStoryBro1990 January 17, 2024

Matthew has been working with my son with Algebra last year and Geometry this year. My son's grades have improved significantly. He isn't anxious about testing. Matthew provides links to the lessons that he can go back to review if he needs to. I highly recommend Matthew.

Larry Griffin January 10, 2024

Our sophomore son worked with several tutors prior to Matthew. Matthew is hands down the most organized and effective math teacher he has worked with in or out of the classroom. Matthew has helped changed our son's goal from that of simply surviving high school math through the precalculus level, to that of completing Calculus by graduation and doing well each year.

Noah Van Amburg January 10, 2024

Mathew of Tutoring by Matthew has been a great help for my son's 9th and now 10th grade math classes. Josh has had to tackle some advanced algebra, factoring, and other tough subjects, and Mathew has provided excellent instruction every time After each tutoring session he provides a YouTube video and notes for the session. We are pleased with his abilities and standards and would recommend him to anyone needing math tutoring for their struggling students.

Greg Wetterauer November 14, 2023

Breaks down problems and makes it much easier to understand

Adrian Valencia November 6, 2023

My college chemistry class messed me up. Like badly. I saw a flyer at a Starbucks for tutoring, so I called. Matthew is way legit. Ken Jennings smart, and he doesn't talk down to you when teaching. I got way better in Chemistry, and used him for other subjects too.

April Du Boce October 28, 2023

If I would recommend anyone for tutoring it would definitely be Matthew, he is very patient and kind! Amazing teacher!

Gabriella Sanchez October 17, 2023

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Schedule a private tutoring lesson and see improvement right away.

Let Matthew be your learning guide. His teaching approach makes challenging concepts easy to understand and reduces the most complex math problems into simple solutions.

Prepare for college admissions exams like the SAT/ACT

Dedicated tutoring for college admissions will maximize your score and increase your chances of getting into the college of your dreams as well as scholarship opportunities.

Visit Matthew’s Blog page for quick reads on a variety of topics.

Stay up to date on the latest news and information from Matthew as well as get study tips on how to learn better. You can also stay connected with the latest updates through social media.

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Get the most out of your study time with our Reference Sheets, Practice Worksheets, Video Library, Practice Exams, and SAT/ACT Question of the Week. Everything you need to perfect your math skills and make study time more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring yields immediate improvements in the ability to understand challenging math concepts. Over time, mastery is achieved. Private tutoring will improve grades and college admission test scores, and this means improving chances of getting into the school of your choice.

Students receive personalized one-on-one instruction with your learning goals in mind. Unlike other tutoring services, there are no contracts and no obligations and since this is my full-time job you are assured of receiving a professional, reliable service.

For new customers, I always offer a complementary half-hour introductory lesson at no charge. This is an opportunity for me to impress you with the quality of the service as well as for you to get familiar with the format. Contact me directly to schedule.

Click on the Schedule tab and select your preferred date/time from available options on the calendar. All lessons are virtual through Zoom and can be done anywhere with an internet connection. Only screen sharing is used and no camera is required. However, a headset is highly recommended because it will make communication easier.

Students choose exactly what they want to work on, whether that is homework, test preparation, or a review of challenging concepts covered in class. At the end of the lesson, the student will be emailed a PDF of the lesson notes and a link to the screen recording, offering a helpful review that can be replayed any time.

Yes, there are three test prep packages available, all of which include tutoring. For more information, click on the Schedule tab and choose College Prep – SAT/ACT from the dropdown.

Yes! I truly enjoy helping students learn and want to be a resource for you. Over the years I have assisted students reach their academic goals with regular tutoring preparing them for AP exams, GRE, MCAT, DAT, ASVAB and GED tests.

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