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The First Principle of Learning is Repetition

Does practice make perfect? Not necessarily. Practice does make permanent though, as science confirms. When it comes to the learning process, repetition is key to memorization. Most students know that memorization skills are key to mastering many challenging math concepts. Scientists now understand that mental tasks, repeated enough times, lead to an ‘awareness’ in the brain. Once in awareness, concepts then crystallize into working memory, and in turn this allows for deep understanding and reflection, necessary elements of number crunching.[1]

Yet repetition does have a reputation for bringing on boredom. This can be avoided, however, when students engage with math practice that stops well short of drudgery…Enter Tutoring by Matthew‘s practice worksheets designed for better learning.

These worksheets, organized by class and topic, consist of problem sets that offer students the ideal practice to build a vital math repertoire. Since repetition is the first principle of learning, why not start practicing with Tutoring by Matthew’s Worksheets today? 

For math practice you can’t find anywhere else, click on the Student Resources tab and select Practice Worksheets.

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