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More Student Success Stories

For many of my regular customers, the school year is over. It’s a great time to reflect and report on some of their success.

From a parent of a geometry student, “Guess who got an A in geometry this semester?? Thanks so much for all of your help and support!!!”

From a test prep student, “I passed! Above average score of 7/9, thanks, man.”

From a pre-calculus student, “I took pre-calc six times, lol, until I got an A with you.”

These are just some of the many comments I receive from parents and students alike. I’ve said it many times and will say it again here: students that receive regular tutoring one to two times per week over an extended period of time see improvement in knowledge, understanding, and grade. Each of these students above maintained a consistent schedule.

If you did not get the grade you wanted this school year or are still struggling to pass a class, private math tutoring is the answer. The summer is a great time to build confidence for the upcoming school year. Even just a couple of lessons can make all the difference.

Make the most of your summer! Just click on the Schedule tab, select Meet with Matthew, and choose the day and time that works best for you.

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Favorite Math Class

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