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Favorite Math Class

A student recently asked me what my favorite math class was when I was in college. I paused and thought for a moment: did I even have a favorite class? At that time, I simply took the classes in front of me to meet the graduation requirements. There wasn’t much time to reflect.

Most tutors enter the field wanting to help math students in advanced classes like calculus, physics, and engineering. While I too enjoy helping students in these courses, the average math student getting tutoring is normally in high school and needs help with algebra and geometry. The college students I help are typically taking calculus or statistics.

I take great pride in helping students, regardless of their skill level. Over the years, I have helped students as young as five years old and returning students in their sixties. Every student has a unique goal, and individual private tutoring is the best way to improve knowledge, understanding, and, of course, grades. I look forward to being your learning guide, regardless of where you are on your math journey.

Get the individual help you need! Just click on the Schedule tab, select Meet with Matthew, and choose the day and time that works best for you.

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