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Private Tutoring Improves Grades & Test Scores

Decades of research confirm that private tutoring is an effective way to improve academic results, and these studies specify that academic tutoring is most effective when led by qualified instructors. Further, it has been found that regularly scheduled tutoring over the course of a semester or school year leads to the best gains, preferably when scheduling two or more sessions per week.[1]

The tutor you choose is very important. Pick one who is well-qualified. An experienced tutor will be able to adjust to the needs of any student. You can trust Tutoring by Matthew and his team of tutors, who are true experts in their respective subjects. Tutoring by Matthew tutors have the highest qualifications and an abundance of experience. Matthew is your go-to for all courses math. For the physical sciences, Physics by Paul is your premier learning guide. Now you don’t have to wonder if tutoring is going to help…because peer reviewed scientific studies prove it!

Book your private lesson with one of our expert tutors today! Click on the Schedule tab and select the date and time of your preference.

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