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Prepare Early, Prepare Right for the SAT/ACT

Ideally, students should prepare several months ahead of time for college admissions exams. In addition, getting the best SAT/ACT score possible requires a different approach. What is taught in math class in high school is important, but even more so, a student must understand how to use key strategies to navigate the SAT/ACT successfully. Unfortunately, these strategies are almost never taught in a student’s regular classroom.

The experts at Tutoring by Matthew have designed comprehensive practice sets that provide students the ideal way to prepare for the SAT/ACT. These practice sets come in the form of a weekly practice set, Practice book (shown below) and worksheets.

These practice sets cover the most common concepts and questions found on the SAT/ACT. This practice simulates the exact way students are required to work out problems during college admissions exams – on paper by hand!

Start preparing now for college entrance exams! For math practice you can’t find anywhere else, click on the Student Resources tab and select College Prep.

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