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Some Advice for Math Anxiety

Many students dislike math – not just because it is so hard at times, but also because of the stress it causes. Math anxiety (MA) causes a downward learning cycle, with numerous research studies showing a negative link between MA and a student’s ability to perform well.[1] For most students, learning math is a long and often tedious process. As with any journey, there are trials and tribulations, ups and downs, ebbs and flows. It’s easy to look at outcomes as either success or failure especially when it comes to a grade. Instead remember the big picture, the overall macro view of your math studies. When learning math, it is often a situation of two steps
forward, one step back; and that means you are still moving forward.

If you are feeling math anxiety, consider enlisting the aid of a qualified private tutor. A qualified tutor can come up with a plan to strengthen a student’s math foundation and shore up any knowledge gaps. Importantly, the help you get from a subject matter expert will not only boost your math IQ but also and more importantly stop the anxiety cycle. Celebrate your math successes for sure, but when you are struggling, remember that you will have occasional days where you might take a step back.

Give yourself a break and book your private lesson today! Click on the Schedule tab and select the date and time that works best for you.

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