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Exercise, Study, Rest & Repeat!

Our bodies and brains were designed to function best alternating between states of activity and rest. On the activity side, researchers from Columbia University recently confirmed the positive correlation between physical exercise and academic performance. Student brain scans were taken after twenty minutes of sitting versus twenty minutes of moderate aerobic activity. In this comparison study, the students who got exercise before the scan showed substantial brain activity, while the students who were sitting showed little brain activity. Further, the same research revealed that benefits of physical exercise compound over time; students who got regular exercise over the period of a school year saw greater benefits than a student who only exercised for a month.[1]

Simply explained, physical exercise increases blood flow to the brain and supports neuronal differentiation, which is especially important in the developing brain. The increased flow of blood brings greater levels of oxygen to the brain, in turn producing vital neurotransmitters needed for an optimal state for learning. That is why a moderate session of aerobic exercise can help a student prior to a study session or tutoring lesson.

At the same time, getting enough rest is also key in learning. Efforts from the day consolidate at night. So…exercise, study, rest, and repeat on a regular basis to support the best learning practices and increase your academic potential.

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