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Why Math Matters!

The importance of math cannot be overstated. In short, we use it every day; its value can be seen everywhere we look and with common items we interact with; the daily technology we use, the way we travel, the medicines we take, and even the music we listen to. It is all based on math.

The mental process involved in learning math results in increased analytical and creative abilities as neural pathways develop in the brain. Research coming from Stanford University shows that students who regularly study math have more “grey matter” by volume and an increased ability to problem solve over their non-math studying counterparts.[1] In addition, a solid math background helps a person solve many everyday issues of life. For example, understanding how loans work is important for college students who want to finance their education. Investing money and making purchases like cars and houses involve understanding loan percentages and mortgage rates.  Even creative endeavors involve math. For instance,  scales in music are based on numerical patterns.

So, when struggling to learn a particular concept and wondering why it even matters, remember that the math process makes the brain smarter but also equips you for other situations that come up in everyday life.

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