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Are Owls Really Smart?

The owl is often used as a symbol of wisdom in literature and mythology. It may be because they are clever hunters known for their night vision. The Ancient Greeks thought owls possessed a mystical inner light and were commonly associated with the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena.[1]

At the same time, many academic organizations have come to use the owl in their branding efforts. The ever-popular cartooning of the owl usually includes a cap and gown and/or eyeglasses to make it look intelligent.  As it turns out, though, owls have no apparent or scientifically proven intellectual advantage. In a specially designed animal IQ test given to several types of birds and animals, the owl fared no better than any of its feathered counterparts or furry brethren in the animal kingdom.[2]

Are owls really smart? Yes, and no. They really are smart, but they’re not really smart.

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