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Enter Physics by Paul

For many years, math and physics were taught under the wider discipline of “natural philosophy”. Math and physics are indeed closely connected fields. One distinction however, is that to physicists math is used as a tool to find the answer to other questions. Take Isaac Newton, for instance: he developed calculus to describe motion.[1] On the flip side, math takes from physics as well; the theory of general relativity and quantum theory give math academics materials for developing additional tools to create solutions.

When tackling physics, first consider the related physics’ concepts and then move on to solving the math that underlies the problem. This can be doubly challenging for students and many will want or need to seek academic help. Sure, a math tutor might be able to help, but the best strategy is to find a tutor who specializes in physics. Enter Physics by Paul. As mentioned above, the first step in solving a physics problem is approaching it from the physics angle, and this requires the specific type of knowledge that Physics by Paul possesses. With over a decade of experience learning and teaching physics, Paul is your ideal learning guide for all things related to the physical sciences.

Get physical and mental: schedule your physics tutoring session today. Click on the Schedule tab, select Physics by Paul from the dropdown menu and choose your preferred day and time.

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