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Should Parents Wear the Tutor Hat?

For most students, getting math help from parents is often fraught with frustration. This is mainly because math teaching changes over the generations. In other words, your child’s math teacher will almost certainly teach with a modern style. That’s why finding an experienced tutor who knows current teaching methods is a better choice than trying to help your child learn with methods from decades past. Enter Tutoring by Matthew…

I had no trouble at all with elementary school math. Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems were all straightforward and logical to me. Moving on to decimals and fractions were no problem either. However, once Algebra came into my sights, I started needing help, and this often meant asking my mom or dad.


With over 10,000 hours of experience, Matthew is the premier choice to assist your scholar through the toughest math moments. With help from Tutoring by Matthew, any student willing to put in some time and effort will be able to succeed in math. Matthew has a near perfect retention rate, because he can teach students how to make quick work of even the most challenging math problems. Tutoring by Matthew also understands what today’s math teachers expect. So, if you want to best support your child in their math learning journey, take off your teaching hat and let a professional tutor step in.

To end your scholar’s math struggles, sign up for a private session with Matthew today. Click on the Schedule tab and select the day and time you prefer.

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