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The Tutoring by Matthew Difference

When looking for an academic tutor for yourself or your child, you might not know what route to take. There are a multitude of tutoring options out there to confuse you. From slick online brands that have been around for decades to the college student looking to make some money part time, to the retiree looking to supplement their income and spend time giving back. Who should you choose? A professional and experienced tutor, that’s who!

Think about it… Would you have a medical student or retired doctor do your surgery if there was a doctor available? Of course not, as your life would be at stake. Your academic career has high stakes too. That is why you should select the right tutor, one who has the experience and credibility to help you meet your academic goals. Enter Tutoring by Matthew… a professional grade academic service.

Matthew is a highly experienced, full-time tutor. With over 10,000 hours of tutoring to date, Matthew can adjust to the unique needs of all students. Importantly, Matthew’s teaching methods are consistent with and complementary to those taught in today’s math classrooms. In addition, all of Matthew’s tutoring sessions come with several value-added bonuses. Firstly, students can choose exactly what they would like to work on and forward it ahead of the lesson so Matthew can prepare. At the conclusion of each lesson, students will receive a PDF of lesson notes and full screen sharing recording.

Finally, students may sign up for one of three college prep SAT/ACT packages that include additional learning tools: this includes Tutoring by Matthew’s custom-designed math concept SAT/ACT practice worksheets, practice exams, and practice book as well as access to Tutoring by Matthew’s exclusive video library.

Experience the Tutoring by Matthew difference. Schedule your lesson today! Click on the Schedule tab and select that date and time of your preference.

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