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Have a Great Summer!

You have worked hard the whole school year and deserve a mental break. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wise to avoid all academics for the entire summer. Once you’ve taken a week or two off and settled into a more relaxed state, why not stop and consider how you can make best use of your time off? Perhaps you decide to take a summer school course, or maybe you pick several books to read.  On hot summer days, it may not be good to be outside anyway. Reading is a fantastic activity when you need a quiet break. Another nice thing about “free reading” is that you get to decide what to read, unlike during the school year. In my opinion, It’s the perfect time to begin or reread the Harry Potter series.

If you have been getting tutoring with me throughout the school year, I want to say thank you for trusting your math and physics learning to Tutoring by Matthew. I will still be available over the summer for those of you taking summer school, or even for those who want to continue learning on their own. In addition, Tutoring by Matthew is posting regular math related content on several social media sites including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It would mean a lot to me if you connected with me through these platforms. For those of you who want to keep learning and practicing math skills on your own, I will be continuing to post my popular Question of The Week problems every Sunday. Doing The Question of the Week is an ideal way to keep in the math game over the summer with just a small effort on your part.

Welcome to summer! That’s all for now.


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