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How to Start the Year off Right

Calling all students…while you may not be excited for the first day of school, there are some simple but important things you can do to start the semester on the right foot. The following suggestions come from my personal tips ‘n tricks collection, gathered over many years helping students from elementary school age all the way through college and advanced degrees.

First, plan to arrive at class 10 minutes early and find a seat that suits you. For classes that really mattered to me, I sat in the front row, slightly off center towards the end.  I wanted to hear and see everything well but still be able to make an easy exit if necessary. Wherever you like to sit, just make sure you go to that first class, since this when the teacher usually goes over important class details, such as their policies on grading and attendance. A teacher often gives many clues the first day as to whether they will be lenient or strict on due dates and quality. If you miss the first day, or do not pay attention, you could be at a real disadvantage for the rest of the semester. Another reason not to miss the first day is because there could be homework, and you definitely don’t want to start off by missing an assignment.

If you’re lucky enough to make it through the first day of school without homework, congratulations. Regardless, I do recommend that all students review their first day class notes as soon as possible. Get a calendar out, and mark down any key project due dates, midterms and finals. All in all, these small but important actions can go a long way in gaining momentum in challenging course from the very first day of class.

Finally, if you need help, please feel free to contact me for Zoom or in-person tutoring. I take pride in helping students make easy work of even the most challenging math concepts.

To book your first private math lesson of the year, click on the Schedule tab and select the date and time of your preference.

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