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The Happy Homework Habit

In the work Of Habit, French philosopher Ravaisson (1838) discusses the subject of habits, giving them the description “familiar yet mysterious”. Expanding on the work of Ravaisson, Bergson (1911) acknowledged that we have both intentionally adopted habits as well as those developed unconsciously. 

This semester, why not make a conscious effort to develop positive study habits from the get-go? It will take dedication and determination though. In research by Lally et al, (2010) it was concluded that it takes an average of 66 days to establish a new positive habit.[1] This could include, for example, consistently doing your math homework every day for roughly two months. Once through this time period, the habit would theoretically be formed – ingrained and natural to you.

If you are serious about creating a new and important habit, consider using this three step approach:

  1. Create a Reminder (what will initiate the new behavior)
  2. Establish a Routine (set a schedule for enacting the new behavior)
  3. Imagine the Reward (the benefits of making the behavior habitual)

Remember, things that are worth achieving in life rarely come easily. So, aim high, work hard and develop a new happy homework habit.

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