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Do you get the STUDY SLEEPIES?

It never fails… Just as you finally sit down to do that assignment you’ve been putting off, an overwhelming feeling of sleepiness sets in.  This is not an abnormal happening, as our bodies are designed to relax under certain conditions. In this blog, I will discuss a suite of strategies to stay alert and stop that sleepy feeling from hijacking your study time.

  1. Don’t get too comfortable…. a firm chair with a straight back puts the body in business mode
  2. Choose a well-lit area… bright light keeps the mind active, low light signals the brain to sleep
  3. Get some exercise… 15 minutes of brisk walking stimulates both brain and body
  4. Don’t study on your bed… doing so may signal to your brain that sleep is imminent
  5. Drink water …. H20 is critical for all body functions, and dehydration can mean sluggishness
  6. Eat healthy… the right amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat are necessary to feel alert
  7. Study in a group… interacting with others stimulates the mind and body
  8. Make your sleep-wake cycle routine… a consistent schedule will help avoid daytime drowsiness
  9. Take regular breaks… every half hour, take a few minutes to stretch, hydrate and refocus
  10. Avoid eating too much prior… a big meal can divert blood from your brain to your stomach and cause sleepiness

Finally, if you feel overwhelmingly sleepy, maybe you really do need to take a nap. Chances are that you will wake up refreshed and in turn be able to study effectively.

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