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Make the most of your Fall break

The calendar turns again and voila! … October is here with Fall Break looming. It’s also midway through a long semester with students and teachers undoubtedly looking forward to a break. For the lucky, there may be time to take a short trip or staycation close by.

If you haven’t got a concrete plan for Fall Break, it might be tempting to watch a lot of Netflix, play video games, or hang out with friends. (Boom! … Alas, the break is over and what have you got to show for?)

Why not use part of your Fall Break to catch up on or get ahead in math? As it happens, I, Matthew, will not be on vacation! Instead, I am here to help you. Book your tutoring private sessions now for Fall Break. I also offer SAT/ACT preparation packages that can be started over the break week.

In conclusion, a small academic commitment over Fall Break could mean a major breakthrough for you in math. I hope to see you soon!

Make the most of the time you have. Click the Schedule tab and selected the date and time of your preference.

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