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The Math Behind the Candy of Halloween

This week marks the end of October and the celebration of Halloween. For some it’s the start of the holiday season. For others, it is their holiday season. As a kid, I would try and grab as much candy as possible. Its only looking back that I see the math nerd inside of me coming out. The highlight was always organizing the candy by type and even trading a few pieces with friends to get a little more of my favorite. Never did I imagine that I was actually building the foundations of how to present and illustrate data in tables and charts!

As an adult, I try to have enough candy for everyone in the neighborhood. There is nothing worse than having to turn off the lights after poor planning. As I prepare for the Halloween season this year, I decided to take a little more effort into what candy options to have for the trick or treaters in the neighborhood. I settled on 3 choices, Kit Kats, Reeses, and Snickers. Based on empirical data I believe that I will need about twice as many Reeses as Kit Kats and Snickers. With good weather, I expect a great turnout on Halloween. I will report back on Tuesday with how closely this prediction matches the actual candy take!

It was an unexpected outcome (more on that next week). Kit Kats were much more popular than Snickers which did come in a close second. The big surprise was Reeses finishing in third. I suppose peanut butter candy is more of an adult dessert!

To learn more about making predictions using probability and statistics, Just click on the Schedule tab and select the date and time you prefer.

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