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Be Thankful for Pi this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! The big meal goes down as one of the best of the year. I like the traditional turkey and side dishes, but best of all the wide variety of desserts. As a kid, I would help my dad bake the pies first thing in the morning. My favorite has and always will remain Pumpkin pie. Being the math nerd that I am I always look at the pie with a bit of natural inclination to better explain useful concepts from Geometry including pi.

The irrational number pi is one of the most misunderstood numbers by students who prefer to see whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, most of which are friendly. Unfortunately, in math, there are just as many unfriendly numbers as there are friendly numbers. Pi is a friendly number but not of the traditional sort. It represents the ratio of the circumference to the diameter in a circle. This ratio is always the same for all circles whether it be a pumpkin pie, circular plate, top of a drinking class or the outer edge of a serving bowl. The reality is that most things in this life are a bit messy (take a look at the kitchen after the big meal) but pi a non-repeating (as far was we can tell) irrational number it actually a little friendlier when referred to as this ratio.

While sitting around the dinner table this year take a look at the many circles are in sight and appreciate pi in a new way! If you have never read Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation, I would encourage you to read that as well. For most of us, this is the start of the run into the wonderful holiday season which means big meals and family gatherings which lead into the start of the new year. Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful customers.

To learn more about pi, schedule your private math lesson today. Just click on the Schedule tab and select the date and time you prefer.

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