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What to Study for Final Exams

A lot of students ask me what they should study to prepare for their final exams. A study guide or practice final exam is a great place to start to help clue you into what is most likely going to be covered on your final exam. Here are a couple of suggestions to help you proceed in the event that you are truly lost in what to review.

Start by reviewing your old chapter tests or midterm exams. This is especially important if your teacher wrote these exams and will also write the final exam. Look at questions that you did not understand and rework these problems from start to finish.

Too often students focus on the more recent topics, and discount what was taught earlier in the course. While I don’t recommend going all the way back to day 1 since many topics naturally build upon each other, it is a good idea to start around the midpoint of the semester for your review.

Finally, keep in mind that most instructors are going to choose representative topics from the class and not search for deep knowledge on any one specific topic. In other words, don’t get caught up in that ten step problem from chapter 2 and forget to review topics that appear more regularly throughout each chapter.

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