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Maximize Your SAT/ACT Score

Did you know that most students get their best score on the SAT/ACT after taking the test three times? I was surprised to find this out until I started working with students and developing a curriculum for success on standardized tests. What I learned is that the tests are as much about strategy as they are about the actual math content. Some questions require almost no math computations while others appear to be very complex, when in reality they can be greatly simplified when using the right approach.

Students that do well on these tests follow a relatively simple formula. First, they receive regular tutoring. This develops proficiency in their math techniques. Second, they practice regularly. This can be as simple as redoing the problems from the lessons. Third, they take a test prep class to develop strategies which leverages their math skills and maximizes their overall score. Most colleges accept a super score which is the sum of your best scores. If you have the time, taking the test more than once in conjunction with tutoring, practice and test-prep class will yield the greatest results

This week mark’s the start of my very first SAT/ACT Test prep class. If you missed the preview class, you can watch the replay on my YouTube Channel. While I have worked one-on-one over the years with students preparing them for the exam, the strategies are now available to you in this once-a-week class. Not only will I cover test-taking strategies, but I also cover math concepts and topics taught in the context of standardized test questions. Even just a small improvement in your score could mean the difference in getting into the college of your dreams or qualifying for that scholarship.

Space is limited. Please sign up right away.  Just click on the Student Resources tab and select College Prep – SAT/ACT and choose the package that works best for you.




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