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New Classes Starting Soon

Many first-time residents to Tucson are surprised to learn that they get an unexpected break from school at the end of February. Most local schools shut down for the ladder part of the week locally referred to as “Rodeo Break”. Believe it or not the Tucson Rodeo is believed to be the oldest non-motorized parade in the country. This classic western event has taken place during the last week of February every year dating back to 1925. While Tutoring by Matthew serves customers around the country and internationally, it does represent an opportunity for a bit of rest for the local students.

The timing of this break also represents the end of the first SAT/ACT Test Prep class. While I have been teaching standardized test prep for years, only recently did I put together a class that meets once a week to discuss a test taking strategy helpful not just on these tests but others like them. Over the course of five weeks, students reviewed over 100 standardized test questions during the class. There is no better way to increase your score on standardized tests than to practice proven strategies on actual exam questions.

While the class was initially meant to help students with both test taking strategies and math subject areas, there just isn’t enough time to do both in a single class that meets once a week. I have recently noticed a trend towards more and more Algebra students scheduling one-on-one tutoring with me. The timing couldn’t be better to introduce a couple of new options for standardized test-taking success. In the near term, I plan to offer both an SAT/ACT Test Taking Class as well as an Algebra Skills class meant to help students who are currently enrolled in Algebra as well as those who need a refresher just in time for the big test!

Sign up for one of my SAT/ACT Prep Packages and learn helpful strategies. Just click on the Student Resources tab and select College Prep – SAT/ACT and choose the package that works best for you.

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