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Using the Right Tools

The right tool makes most jobs much easier. If you have every tried to turn a screw with a hammer, well it probably didn’t go very well. It goes without saying that a calculator is part of almost every math class. Calculators like physical tools work really well when used correctly.

At some point during tutoring, I will ask the student if they are allowed to use a calculator in their math class. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I want to be consistent with what they are using in the classroom. Second, I want to help them learn how to use the tool. Third, I don’t want to waste time in the lesson doing complex calculations by hand when they can be done faster with the right tool.

The response I get from most students when I ask what calculator they are using is…”my phone”. Smart phones are great for a lot of things like making calls, texting, and social media. However, the built in calculator on most smart phones is not the right tool for your math class and rarely approved for quizzes and tests. 

For every tutoring lesson, I recommend having your approved calculator out and next to your notebook. If you don’t have your calculator, I will then ask you to use the Desmos Scientific calculator available on the web or as an app you can download.

Learn to use the right tools in your math class. Just click on the Schedule tab, select Meet with Matthew, and choose the day and time that works best for you.

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