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Getting the Right Help

This week I received another 5-star Google review in which the reviewer reminded me that sometimes students and parents choose an individual for tutoring help in an odd way. Usually, it goes something like this. They will post in a Facebook group that they need tutoring for their child or for themselves. This group usually has nothing to do with private math tutoring…however many in the group are happy to provide recommendations. What could go wrong? The typical response is something like this “I have a cousin that got an A in that class last year, he might be a good choice for you”. While well intended, it can have unexpected results. 

About this time last year, a parent contacted me for tutoring. Her freshman son had been getting tutoring from the Senior at the same high school. Again, while well intended, the tutor in this case was often late or canceled altogether due to prioritizing their own schedule over the students. The tutor was able to help the student to some extent, but why not choose a professional to help with over 15 years of experience to be your learning guide.

Enter Tutoring by Matthew. For the last decade, I have been helping students from elementary school all the way up through graduate courses. Since this is my full-time job, you can expect to receive professional and reliable service, just like any other service-based industry. For new customers, I offer a “try it out” less completely FREE. I look forward to helping you on your academic journey.

Better than the guy down the street! Just click on the Schedule tab, select Meet with Matthew, and choose the day and time that works best for you.

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