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The Technology of Tutoring by Matthew

When I started tutoring back in 2013 it was almost 100 percent in person. I would travel around from coffee shop to coffee shop and setup for a few hours. I always carried a computer with me, but rarely needed it other than to check email. Back then, it was the exception when I was asked to do a virtual lesson, usually for a student that had moved away for college. Covid changed everything…and while I still offer in-person lessons, now almost 100 percent of my tutoring is done virtually through Zoom.

When I present my screen to a student for the first time, I will sometimes be asked how I can show math problems digitally. A lot of people assume that I must be using an iPad. While I do have one and use it for in-person lessons, I found a better product for the rigors of full-time virtual tutoring.  My digital display of choice is a Wacom drawing tablet which is highly sensitive and allows me to display significant detail for students. I recently had to replace the digital pen which only broke after 10,000 plus lessons!

All virtual lessons include a PDF of the lesson notes at the conclusion of the lesson as well as a link to the screen recording.

Lesson times are filling up fast! Just click on the Schedule tab, select Meet with Matthew, and choose the day and time that works best for you.

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